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Hi. Can somebody write an (at least ;] ) short stub about my city ([[:en:Racibórz|Racibórz]]) on your Wikipedia? Many thanks for anyone who could do that :) [[Jeno:Olos88|Olos88]] 22 eftatonai 2009 06:53 (UTC)
== Help ==
Hi! I'm from [[Chile]] and I want to make a request of translation from english to romani language about a particular article [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concepci%C3%B3n,_Chile look at this]. It's about the Chilean city of '''Concepción'''. Can someone really help me? I need to create the romani article of Concepción, or only a stub, I don't know!, please!. anyway, I thank you very much for your help, bye!. --[[Jeno:X4v13r3|X4v13r3]] 4 shtartonai 2011 02:14 (UTC)
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